Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Looking at Stats: Goalie Career Wins for Franchise

Corey Crawford, Carey Price and Henrik Lundqvist all rank in the top 6 for franchise wins. Corey Crawford made his NHL debut for the Blackhawks in the 2005-06 season (and has been full time in the NHL since 2010-11), he currently ranks 6th in Blackhawks wins with 115, behind Tony Esposito (418), Glenn Hall (275), Ed Belfour (201), Jocelyn Thibault (137) and Murray Bannerman (116). Carey Price (NHL debut 2007-08) ranks 5th in Canadiens wins with 179, behind Jacques Plante (314), Patrick Roy (289) (franchise wins, 1985-86 to 1995-96), Ken Dryden (258) and Bill Durnan (208). Henrik Lundqvist ranks first in Rangers wins with 309, ahead of Mike Richter (301).

Henrik Lundqvist is the oldest of the three goalies and secured first in franchise wins during the 2013-14 season, Additionally he has a V├ęzina (2012), an Olympic Gold (2006) and an Olympic Silver (2014). The farthest he has been in the NHL playoffs is the Stanley Cup Finals, the Rangers first trip to the Finals since the 1994 Stanley Cup.

Carey Price is just coming into his prime and is 5th in franchise wins, behind some of the greatest goalies ever to play the game. While he has yet to advance past the Eastern Conference Finals, Carey Price won gold in both World Juniors (2007) and the Olympics (2014).

Like Carey Price, Corey Crawford is a young goalie entering his prime. He won the Stanley Cup in his 3rd full season (2013) and currently ranks 6th in franchise wins, also like Price, he is behind some of the greatest goalies ever to play the game.

While I don't expect Corey Crawford and Carey Price to pass Tony Esposito and Jacques Plante in franchise wins, I wouldn't be surprised if 50 and 31 eventually hang in the rafters at the United Center and Bell Centre given the starts to their young careers. I hope that Henrik Lundqvist and Carey Price will eventually win the Stanley Cup and that Corey Crawford will eventually play for Team Canada, however even if they don't, they have still had great careers to this point, and will continue to do so, barring injury.

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