Wednesday, August 12, 2015

She has a name, use it

Goalie Jenny Scrivens signed with the New York Riveters yesterday. Most NWHL player signings have been met with tweets and maybe a few articles. However the Scrivens signing was different, as her husband Ben is the Edmonton Oilers goalie, there was a lot of talk about them being a married couple in pro hockey.

Talking about a couple both being goalies is fine by me, in fact I tweeted both Scrivens goalies wishing them luck in the upcoming season.

There is however a line that was crossed between mentioning a relationship and defining someone by said relationship. At least one prominent hockey writer identified Jenny Scrivens only as "Ben Scrivens wife" in a tweet. That reminded me of when Amanda Kessel's career ending concussion was announced and I saw her called "Phil Kessel's sister". 

Jenny Scrivens and Amanda Kessel are both elite hockey players, they deserve to be named, not reduced to their relationship with a former Leaf.

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